What is lactose-free milk, and how does it work?

Lactose Free Milk

It isn’t easier for everyone to enjoy smoothies and milkshakes of ordinary cow milk. The main biggest reason is their body demands to immediately eliminate the lactose.

But thanks to scientists, who have successfully found a way to save people from this gut health disease. Lactose-free milk is much more than a saviour for those whose guts cannot resist the presence of this disaccharide.

Usually, people mix lactose intolerance with a dairy allergy. Hence, the best way to distinguish is to go for a lactose test that can help diagnose the person’s exact health status.

If your lactose test comes positive, there is nothing to worry about at all, as lactose intolerance is mild compared to a dairy allergy. You can treat it by shifting your diet to lactose-free milk.


What is the main reason for lactose intolerance?

It is one of the frequently asked questions about why my body cannot metabolize lactose like normal people? Well! A diagnosed person needs psychotherapy otherwise he gets depressed and frustrated due to fear and anxiety of getting a disease.

The small intestine is restricted to absorb lactose directly in the bloodstream. Hence, there is a need for a catalyst that can speed up the splitting process of lactose.

The lactase enzyme does the job by cleaving lactose into galactose and glucose. Glucose is then added to the bloodstream after absorption by the intestinal cells.

There are different situations in which a person’s gut lacks this enzyme. After escaping from the small intestine, milk sugar enters the large intestine portion.

Enteric bacteria use that sugar to initiate the metabolic process. There is the production of different gases as by-products of several metabolic reactions.

What do you know about lactose-free milk?

Lactose-free milk is commercially processed and medically approved milk available in superstores for those who cannot tolerate lactose.

Gastroenterologist suggests lactose-free milk to those who are declared lactose resistant by diagnostic labs for lactose test. Lactose-free milk has an equal concentration of nutrients as cow’s milk. The basic point of dissimilarity is regarding the absence of lactose sugar.

Always remember, an abnormal response of the body to lactose is not an age-restricted illness! Hence, it doesn’t matter if you want to use it for your child or for yourself! Feel free to use it after consulting with your physician.

How does lactose-free milk work?

Lactose-free milk is manufactured on an industrial scale by adding lactase enzyme to regular cow’s milk. The pre-added lactase enzyme accomplishes the task for those who cannot digest this disaccharide by cleaving it into basic constituents.

How long do I have to use it?

If you are one of those whose body tries to eliminate lactose even after consuming a small amount of it, then don’t even think about shifting from lactose-free milk or products.

Suppose you consume unprocessed dairy products with a minute concentration of this particular disaccharide; then the risk to face the same medical conditions and visiting the clinics repeatedly increases automatically.


Who wants to live a life with a sick and unhealthy body? The most suitable option is using this medically approved milk which is completely safe and nutritious. The improvement in your G.I.T will depict that the change in your diet is beneficial for you.