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What Challenges Is The Bar Industry Facing In 2019?

What Challenges Is The Bar Industry Facing In 2019?

This year has been a turbulent one so far for much of the hospitality industry across the UK. This is due a number of different factors but some of the main ones include price hikes ,  Job losses and increase in competition. The bar industry in 2019 is facing a number of major issues and in this article we will look at what those are and what can be potentially down to solve them.


Brexit is a major issue for many pubs and restaurants across the UK. One of the main reasons for it being an issue is millions of European staff are employed across this industry in the UK and have been for many years. Due to the uncertainty regarding immigration as well as economic uncertainties.  One of the by -products of Brexit has been many drinks companies choosing to not export their products to the UK for fear of higher trade tariffs. As a result many are waiting until Brexit before they make an informed decision on whether to export their products there. Unfortunately Brexit is an external factor which is almost impossible to predict or influence and as a result it needs to happen before the overall effects of it can be evaluated.

Staff Shortages

Another problem many firms are suffering from is staff shortages.  This has come as a result of the growth of zero hours events companies. Many of these companies employ students and young adults en masse. These adults would normally be working in pubs and restaurants. However many find that zero hours contracts fit a lot better around their routine.  As a result of staff shortages many firms have to bring in staff from other sites in order to cope with demand.  One way in which we think bars and restaurants could reduce staff shortages is by more pro-active recruitment. This would mean recruitment days as well as flyers in the local area. Many Pubs and restaurants may only advertise online or by placing adverts within their workplace. However this severely restricts the amount of people that may see the job advert.

Changing Consumer Trends

Another important factor which needs to be considered by businesses within this industry is changing consumer patterns one of the biggest changes in consumer behaviour in recent years has been the UK’s appetite for Gin. In recent years gin sales have risen greatly and this has been in part due to the launch of different types of gin as well as and a changing in attitudes towards the drink. It has traditionally been seen as a drink for older people however the younger generation have been embracing it. In order to adapt to such changes it is important for bars to conduct market research into who they are targeting as well as change the way they market themselves in order to appeal to a wider audience. Promotion of drinks that are trending as well as themed bar nights have proven in recent years to be highly effective at attracting new customers into bars and restaurants.

What Makes The Best Glasgow Indian Restaurants?

What Makes The Best Glasgow Indian Restaurants?

Today we are going to review what makes the best Glasgow Indian restaurants as well as review the nutrition value of Indian food overall. A little known fact about Glasgow is that it has some of the best Indian restaurants in the UK. This is partly due to the fact that Indian restaurants have been around for many years within Glasgow city.

Best Glasgow Indian restaurants

Best Glasgow Indian Restaurants-Price

Price is a big factor for many people who are eating out in Glasgow city. Thankfully many Indian restaurants offer a variety of different menus as well as often having special offers running in order to ensure value for money. One of the most popular special offers is an all you can eat buffet. Many indian restaurants run all you can eat buffets with set prices. These establishments mostly make a profit from drinks orders. Another popular menu is the pre-theatre menu. This is a discounted menu available in many Indian restaurants and is normally available during the mid afternoon or in the evening.  Furthermore some Indian restaurants offer a daytime value menu which means better value for people eating in the restaurant around lunchtime.

Best Glasgow Indian restaurants

Best Glasgow Indian Restaurants- Service

Once inside any Indian restaurant service is probably one of the most important factors of all to ensure that your meal is enjoyable overall. Waiting over 10 minutes to have an order taken , lack of attention from waiters and little regard for welcoming you are all big red flags when it comes to hospitality. However we found when we visited several Indian restaurants across Glasgow there was the exact opposite experience.  We were welcomed into all the restaurants we visited with a very welcome reception. All the staff we met were very polite and attentive and this really contributed to the overall positive experience we had.  In addition to this food was served promptly and was very well presented. A clear indicator of good service is always happy staff. If staff are happy then it is far more likely that they are enjoying their roles and the management are ensuring that employees are happy and that they can perform their role effectively.

best Glasgow Indian restaurants

Quality Of Food

One are in which many restaurants can fall down on is their overall quality of their food. Many restaurants buy in food that is sometimes pre-made rather than making their own recipes and food on site. This can lead to a lapse in overall quality and taste in food. However we found that in some of the best Glasgow Indian restaurants we visited the majority of ingredients they used in their dishes were fresh and the food they prepared was typically used in traditional home recipes.

Nutrition Value

Indian food is renowned across the world for having excellent nutritional values. Spices can help to lower cholesterol as well as improve overall blood circulation around the body. Furthermore curries have been used in the past as medicinal remedies to common illnesses thanks to their rejuvenating properties. There are a also many vegetable dishes which have their own healthy properties