5 most popular trends of autumn season glasses

Glasses Fashion

With the end of the record-breaking summer and the start of the work season, sunglasses are increasingly being replaced by corrective glasses, without which many can no longer imagine their style. Today, the shapes of spectacle frames are becoming more moderate and accessible to everyone – modern and futuristic spectacle models this autumn are complemented by fashionable oversized spectacles, translucent vintage frames and neutral-coloured animal patterns. If we talked about dad’s shoes or mom’s jeans until recently, we’ll talk about their glasses today.

Today, glasses are much more than just a vision correction tool. It’s a style detail that helps create an ever-changing image every time. This trend is observed all over the world: celebrities like Hailey Baldwin or Cara Delevingne love to choose glasses in their images.

I notice that more and more often corrective glasses are bought by people who have excellent eyesight, especially young people. The multicoloured, intricately shaped and textured spectacle frames change the image no worse than a new hairstyle. Instead of diopter lenses, a blue protection coating is popular, which protects against harmful blue rays from computers or phones.

So what models to explore this season?

Square “oversized” grandfather glasses – when you want an exclusive accent

Large, heavy, sometimes even “cluttered” thick spectacle frames are now what everyone who wants to stand out is looking for.

Austin Powers style glasses are the way to describe this trend, with bright and large spectacle frames becoming your calling card. The style of oversized eyewear revolutionized the fashion world in the 1960s and has been appearing on the fashion catwalk ever since. Who can forget the iconic Audrey Hepburn sunglasses in Tiffany’s Breakfast? First of all, such large frames became popular in the fashion of sunglasses, and this year they are also on the tops of corrective glasses.

The shape of the glasses is also important this year: in the past, oval “flies” were more popular, and this year, square frames were at the top of fashion. The most important thing is that they are massive enough. Large frames are not to be feared at all, even for those with a lower nasal bridge or finer facial features. You just need to know a few rules about how not to “drown” in big glasses.

The best way to assess if the glasses are not too big for your face is to determine the position of your pupil. Your eyes should be in the middle of the eyeglass lens horizontally, but slightly higher toward the top of the frame, i. y. in the upper third. When wearing the right size glasses, your eyebrows should come out to accentuate the features.

What is in fashion

Transparent frames – the hottest trend of the season

In recent years, fashion designers have been attracted by the white transparent plastic found in the fashion of handbags, shoes and raincoats. This fall, we will also see translucent plastic spectacle frames, which are becoming one of the most important trends for both men and women during the cold season.

I myself know how sometimes it is difficult to choose the right glasses, my clients often face this problem. This is very important because you will have to wear them every day. Therefore, the trend of this season – transparent frames – is perfect for all experiments. They are non-binding, perfect for people with both small and larger facial features, and various facial shapes. Therefore, if you are afraid to ask and are not inclined to wear extremely bright and eye-catching models – these glasses are just for you.

Whether you want to get a subtle, tasteful image, or you want to adorn yourself and impress others with your exclusive image – translucent frames can be suitable for both.

It doesn’t mean you’ll go unnoticed with translucent eyeglass frames at all! If you want to focus on your glasses, be sure to choose lighter shades of makeup and clothing. You can also choose transparent honey-coloured frames, which are perfect for lighter skin tones.

Vintage: old-fashioned glasses on the streets of fashion capitals

The most popular vintage trend still remains the cat’s eye-shaped glasses, which have become a symbol of femininity. This season will feature trendy light brown eyeglass frames that can range from classic nude, yellowish tones to darker, honey tones.

The shape of a cat’s eye is not for everyone. Choose these glasses, if you have a narrower forehead and chin, then wide cat glasses will perfectly accentuate your features. By the way, cat-shaped glasses will visually “lift” your face and, in the opinion of some, will even rejuvenate it.

Metal frame – for fans of classics

Metal spectacle frames were a pretty big trend last season, but she all liked it so much that metal frames stay in a stable position this fall season as well.

Slim metal spectacle frames, like a classic black jacket or quality jeans – will never go out of style. One of the most popular shapes for men this season is the double-bridge gold-coloured glasses. The double bridge is a small but very interesting detail that adds extra charm. By the way, gold in the fall – it’s like glitter in the winter – inseparable. The narrow metal frame and double-bridge tandem will simply be swept off the shelves this season.

Textures – from animal patterns to marble

In autumn, various textures come to the tops and opticians. Animal fur motifs change to neutral beige or brown colours that are suitable for almost all facial features. They are like a safe fashion that looks great but doesn’t provoke, making it much easier for people to choose and match them to their style. They are like chameleons that adapt easily.

The texture of marble, which is simply filled with luxury, is also gaining popularity. Information is often sought on how to look luxurious without spending too much money, but it is the texture of the marble that can help achieve the desired effect. If different glitter, pearls and diamonds are not for you, then choose marble.

Turtle shell or marble eyeglass frames will be a bright and exclusive accent if you choose non-traditional, more interesting colours and combinations of them, but according to J. Shat, the eyeglasses must fit your skin. If you have a warm skin tone, contrasting colours should be avoided. Brown, sand and olive shades are most suitable. Well, cooler coloured skin will go well with silver, white, black, pink, purple or grey.