Glasgow Summer Activities: Top Places to Visit

Summer is those couple of weeks we get of sunshine a year. While it may not be that long lasting in
Glasgow, we sure do know how to make the most of it. With so many activities and places to visit it
can be hard deciding what to do. This list will give you some of the places you should prioritise in to
fitting in to the quick period of weather we call summer.

Check out Glasgow’s Street Art

Dotted around the city of Glasgow and its surrounding areas are some of the most creative bits of
graffiti you are likely to see. Head down to Mitchell Street to see the “world’s most economical taxi”.
Or to the East End to see the Barra’s Pirate. There are also several murals to Billy Connolly
throughout the city as well as a number of pieces that were done for the Commonwealth Games. To
check out all the sites there is now an app you can download at the Google Play Store.

Walk Down the Style Mile

Walking a mile shouldn’t take all day should it? Well it does when it has so many different shops,
restaurants and cafes on it. With department stores like House of Fraser, clothes stores like Urban
Outfitters and even more niche ones like T2 Tea there is something for people of all ages and
interests. Once you feel like you’ve done enough shopping you can grab something to eat at places
such as TGI Fridays and Beer Halle.
 Make Your Way through Ashton Lane
With numerous bars, Ashton Lane is the best drinking spot in Glasgow. It especially comes to life in
the summer months and you won’t find an atmosphere like it anywhere else. Bars like Brel, Jinty
McGinty’s and Vodka Wodka all have large beer gardens for soaking in sun rays with your beverage.
Ubiquitous Chip also has its famous rooftop terrace that is one of the best watering spots in

Go to the Garden

Just a few hundred metres away from Ashton Lane is one of the most picturesque places in the
whole city. The Botanic Gardens were founded in 1817 and have been one of Glasgow’s premier
attractions ever since. With stunning plants from around the world in their glasshouses and plenty of
grass to lay down and catch some rays on. It’s a must-see spot especially when the sun is shining
down on it.

Take a Trip to the Park

With this one, you are really spoiled for choice. There are over 90 gardens and parks spread across
the city meaning you are never too far from one. If you are in the West End then head to
Kelvingrove, the East End has Glasgow Green and the South Side has Pollok Country Park. These are
just three of the most popular ones so check out the rest to see what the ideal park for you is.

Glasgow Summer Activities: Go to the Beach!?

We promise you that you can visit a beach in Glasgow without actually ever having to leave the city.
The Riverside museum builds its own beach during the summer months meaning you don’t have to
travel far to experience the sand. While you can’t take a dip in the Clyde we promise you it is still a
fun day out!