How to Become a Successful Home Interior Designer

In this rapidly changing world, the need for freelancers has even gone a notch higher. People are therefore not seeking formal employment in firms or companies anymore. As a freelance home interior designer, you try to find clients or customers on your own rather than seeking permanent employment in a particular firm. Although your job as a freelance interior designer will be more flexible in terms of time, design styles and job preferences, your duties will remain similar to that of a permanent employee in a home design firm. If you are out there planning to venture into freelance home interior design, then we have the following for you:

Duties and Responsibilities of a Freelance Home Interior Designer

Finding Clients

Like we have already mentioned above, as a freelance designer, you will need to find new clients by strategic marketing, adverts, sending out job proposals as well as sending sales letters. You should always try to satisfy your clients’ needs as they can refer you to some of their friends.

Share Ideas

As a designer, you will be required to share your decorating ideas with your clients. Make sure that your clients fully understand your ideas and you should always allow them to ask you questions.

Offer Your Advice

Remember that some of your clients might be very new to the designing industry. It is therefore very important that you consult and offer your advice to your clients on matters related to space planning, layout as well as the organisation. You should also be able to offer an estimation of the required material, labour and any other costs.


As a freelance home interior design, you will be required to possess a number of skills or technical know how. Here are some of the skills that you will need have in order to make it in this industry:

Artistic and Creative Skills

As a freelance home interior designer, you must have great artistic and creative skills. You must be able to come up with designs that are not only pleasing but also very durable and appealing.

Strong Computer Skills

Remember that as a freelance home interior designer, your work will involve a lot of computer work and internet. This means that you must be able to manoeuvre through your computer and be able to present blueprints and also be able to do the online research work required.

You must also be able to identify the needs of your clients, know how to handle different clients and make them happy. Remember that, at the end of the day, your success will be determined by how satisfied your clients are.

Landing jobs

After deciding that you want to be a freelance home interior designer and acquiring all the necessary skills, the next step is to look for a job. The first and most simple way of getting clients is by talking with your friends and relatives. Inform them of what you do, and ask them for referrals. You can also use the modern online websites such as up work, PeoplePerHour etc.