The Steps to Take For Improved Skin

Your skin is important. Healthy skin not only looks good but can make us feel better about ourselves. This can lead to a more positive outlook and really improve our lives. It can be difficult to know what we can do to get improved skin. You may have tried a number of different moisturisers or eating heathier and nothing seems to be working. If you start to take these steps then you will start to see an improvement in your skin:

·        Moisturise Quickly

While most people think that using a moisturiser adds hydration to the skin this is actually not the case. It keeps the water that we already have in trapped inside by stopping it from evaporating. A study from the American Academy for Dermatology has found that for the best results you should apply the moisturiser within three minutes of the skin being wet. So whether you have just had a shower or washed your face in the sink, be quick!

·        Wash Your Face Regularly

For the best results you should wash your face at least once daily. Dermatologist have found that once a day is enough for your skin to see an improvement. They have also found that the best time to be washing your face is in the night. In the morning your face has just come off a shift with a clean pillow (hopefully!) and may not need a wash.

·        Use Virgin Coconut Oil

Studies from the International Journal of Dermatology have found that Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the best moisturisers if you want to see improved skin. It is one of the most effective ways of keeping moisture trapped in your skin and is an easy to find, affordable product. Coming with the added benefit that it also can help improve your hair – it’s a must have for your skin routine.

·        Exercise Regularly

If you aren’t already regularly exercising then here is another reason why you need to get started: it helps improve your skin. The increased blood flow helps improve your skin from the inside. As the blood flows it is carrying oxygen and other nutrients that help make the skin healthy. You do, however, not want to be out in the son for long periods as this can do more damage than good. So try exercising in the evening or early mornings for the best results.

·        Sleep is Important

We have all heard the term “beauty sleep” and it turns out its true. Sleep improves the skin and that definitely makes you more beautiful. It is important to get at least seven hours a night as a lack of sleep can leave you puffy eyed and your skin looking tired. Another tip is to sleep on your back as sleeping face down can constrict our blood vessels and mean that not everywhere on the skin is getting the nutrients it needs.

·        Food is also important to get Improved Skin

What we put in to our bodies is vitally important to our skin. Too much food that has no nutritional value will cause spots to break out and skin to look tired and lifeless. Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables has proven to be beneficial to the skin and leave it looking better than before. Another tip is to eat a lot of tomato based foods in the summer months as it contains lycopene that helps protect our skin from harmful UV rays.