Plastic Surgery Scotland | The Most Dangerous Types of Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery scotland

Many people who consider plastic surgery Scotland are put off by the dangers associated with it. No surgical procedure is risk-free. Ensuring that you go to a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon that operates in a sanitary clinic, dramatically decreases your risk. Here are some of the riskiest types of plastic surgery procedures and where to go if you are interested in getting plastic surgery Scotland to ensure minimum risk.

Most Dangerous Types of Plastic Surgery

Limb Lengthening

Many people haven’t heard of limb lengthening, this is because it is an extremely rare procedure. Not only is this surgery dangerous, it is also extremely painful.

This procedure is a risk because the surgeon literally has to cut through bone during the procedure. There is a major risk of the two halves of the bone not fusing together. There is also a risk of the bones healing too fast – before the lengthening process is complete. You can also be at risk of nerve and blood vessel damage.

Butt Implants

Most publicised plastic surgery deaths come from butt implants and there’s good reason for this. Despite being an increasingly common procedure, butt augmentation is still an incredibly risky surgery to undergo.

This procedure carries risk of infection, bleeding and implant rupture and implant rejection. Gluteal implants are far riskier because the placement increases pressure on the sciatic nerve, which can be paralysing if done incorrectly.

Tummy Tuck

Also known as abdominoplasty, is also an incredibly popular plastic surgery procedure.

Tummy tucks run the risk of getting a seroma, which is a fluid accumulating beneath the skin. Some patients may also experience poor healing to the wounds created by the procedure. Numbness, bleeding and excessive scarring also pose a risk.

Facial Reconstruction Surgeries

Facial reconstructive surgery is risky business because it is likely that multiple areas of the face will be getting treatment at once.

This procedure is made even more risky due to the many nerve endings that are present on the face. Something as little as a facelift can cause numbness, loss of motion and drooping in the face.

plastic surgery scotland

Plastic Surgery Scotland

If you are interested in getting plastic surgery Scotland it is essential to go to a trained profession with wealth of knowledge and training. This is the only way to decrease your risk of something going wrong. Going to a budget clinic may save you some cash, but at the end of the day it isn’t worth risking your safety for the sake of money.

The best advice to take on board if you do want to undergo plastic surgery is to save up enough money to go to a reliable clinic with a good reputation. Because at the end of the day, safety during any sort of surgical procedure should be the main influence in your decision.