Health and Lifestyle | Five Of The Best Things To Do In Lisbon

Portugal has long been one of the ideal destinations for Brits holidaying abroad, mainly in the Algarve and the coastal resorts. However the cities have so much to offer and even in the (seemingly) colder months of February for example, you can see temperatures reach as high as 18 or 19 degrees Celsius! When you just want a break from life in the UK, Lisbon is a perfectly small and relaxed city to wander through and take some time out. This article will show you five of the best things to do while you wander about the town.

1.    Elevador de Santa Justa

This lift right in the heart of Chiado in the centre of Lisbon seems like a very basic tourist attraction but it is well worth standing in the queue for. This 19th century lift carries you up between the modern buildings of the city to a viewing platform 45 metres above the ground, giving you a view over the building across to the castle and the sea. It’s truly one of the best views in Lisbon and is only €5.15 for a return trip up and down the lift itself, possibly the best deal in the city.


2.    Benfica Stadium

The stadium is a short metro ride outside the heart of the city but is one of the best stadiums to visit if you are a fan of football. The stadium itself is host to high-tech features and a detailed museum. The tour takes about half an hour and will give you the chance to meet their resident eagle (famous in Lisbon), experience the changing rooms using VR, and even spend some time on the pitch. If you want to experience a modern sporting glory, this stadium is definitely worth the visit.

3.    Pasteis De Nata

A traditional Portuguese tart, filled with egg custard and made of crumbling, soft pastry, is one of the best things to eat in Lisbon. Around the area of Baixa and Chiado you will find hundreds of small bakeries making these pastries in the traditional way, and they are so delicious.

4.    Pink Street, Lisbon

If you are up for a party while you’re in Lisbon, then you need to take a visit to Pink Street. The road is literally pink so you can’t miss it. Down by the sea, this street is filled with quirky and different bars and clubs- some of which are open until 5am for the night owls among us! It’s ideal if you want to just let your hair down and take advantage of Lisbon’s relatively cheap prices for things like entry to clubs and alcohol.


5.    Jardim Zoologico

Saving the best for last, the zoo just outside of Lisbon city will give you one of the best days out on offer. Easy to find, with a metro station all of its own, this zoo will give you hours of entertainment with everything from Tigers to Elephants- over 2,000 animals of roughly 300 different species. If zoos are your thing then you need to visit this zoo.

Hopefully, when you’re booking up your next holiday you will consider Lisbon, knowing there are so many amazing things to do in and around the city!