8 Fun Websites to Try When You’re Bored

The internet is one big place. There are so many websites out there so then why do we find ourselves only visiting the same handful of ones. Or even sitting in front of that google search bar not knowing what to do. These eleven fun websites are a quick fix to cure boredom. Each one has a different function that is unique and will help keep you entertained for hours or a couple minutes.

1.      Fun Websites: Geo Guessr

Fancy yourself as a bit of an explorer or just want to brush up on your geography skills? Check out this fun game. Using Google Street View this websites drops you off in a random location and all you can see is the surrounding area. With just this information you then have to guess where in the world you are. The closer your guess is to the actual location, the more points you will get. So if you think you can tell Budapest from Birmingham, check it out.

2.      Camel Camel Camel

A website that has exactly nothing to do with camels despite the name. Simply type in a keyword or Amazon URL and this website will give you a complete history of the price changes that this product has had. This can not only be interesting but useful as well, as you can see when the best time to buy a product may be.

3.      A Soft Murmur

This website will let you create your perfect background noise using sounds such as coffee shops, fire or white noise. You can get lost for hours trying out all the different ambient sounds and once you’ve created the perfect one you’ll be set for that soothing noise to work or relax to.

4.      YouTube Time Machine

This website does exactly what the title says. Simply select a year and this website will show you all the videos that were posted. You can select different categories to suit your interests as well. So if you want to do a bit of “cultural research” and laugh at how things have changed, get watching!

5.      The Wiki Game

Using everyone’s favourite research tool, Wikipedia, this games aim is to get to a specific Wiki page by only clicking links throughout the website. The game will drop you in to a random page and tell you where you need to get to trying to use the fewest clicks possible. You’ll have to be tactical if you want to get out quickly, otherwise you can get lost for hours.

6.      Music Map

Everyone has their favourite artists. But once you’ve listened to their entire discography a thousand times over you can get a little bit bored. This website will let you type in any artists name and provide a map of other artists that are similar to them. The closer they are to your original artist the more similar their sound is. So get searching and start listening to something else for a change!

7.      Little Alchemy

A game that can keep you entertained from five minutes to an hour. You start off with four elements: fire, water, earth and air. The aim is to create as many other elements as possible by combining them. With 580 to unlock this can cure your boredom for a while.

8.      This Is My Website Now

This website is a collection of small games to keep you entertained. With games such as Dodger and Evil Squares, This Is My Website Now will give you something to do when you have five minutes to that next meeting.